Doolittle's Cooperative Profile

About Us

Doolittle’s Co-op is a small but passionate student driven business, located in the Student Union Building on the Bishop’s University Campus. Our primary customer base are students but we are open to and encourage anyone and everyone to use and take advantage of our services and products!

Our Co-op is named after Lucius Doolittle, the founder of Bishop’s College School in 1836, and co-founder of Bishop’s University in 1843 in Quebec, Canada. Doolittle spent his early years in Hatley, entering the University of Vermont in 1824, where he later received an honorary MA degree. Around 1818, Doolittle became a member of the Church of England where he was ordained deacon in 1828, and eventually ordained priest in 1829. Doolittle served as a bursar and trustee of Bishop’s College school from 1845-1856. He was described as a kind, generous, and simple hearted man, who held sound judgment and faith in his aspirations (Millman, n.d.).

Doolittle’s is a consumer cooperative, meaning we are member run and owned. Members can participate in the management and organization of our co-op, while receiving discounted prices on all of our merchandise. We offer textbooks & course packs for students, general literature, Bishop’s apparel, snacks, drinks, school, tech, & art supplies, coffee & tea, bus tickets, and much more! Members receive products at discounted prices of up to 17%, including sale products and seasonal discounts (excluding alcoholic beverages). Our life-long membership can be purchased for a one-time fee of only $25.00, which most students make up in their first semester at Bishop’s! If ever you want to cancel your membership, you can request to receive your $10.00 social share back, or it can be donated to the co-op to continue to support our mission! The more our membership program grows, the more we are able to better understand and offer the community exactly what it needs.


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer quality products and services at competitive prices that meet the needs of our members and support the Bishop’s University community!

  • Support and give back to our local community

  • Offer competitive prices for students

  • Act as a one-stop shop for all students needs