Become a Member

A lifetime membership at Doolittle's Co-op costs $25.00. This amount is comprised of a $10.00 reimbursable social share, other non-reimbursable fees of $13.05 and $1.95 in taxes.


Rules and Conditions

  • The membership is a lifelong membership with a one-time fee. If you decide to resign as a member, you can request to be reimbursed the $10.00 social share

  • If there is no request for the repayment of the social share in the year following the resignation, it will be deemed to have been donated to the co-operative.


Becoming a member allows you to...

  • Save on almost all items both in store and online
  • Have access to member only services
    • Special Order books
    • Members-Only Promotions



Become a Member