Guide on Creating a Course Material Order - Professors/Teachers only


Steps to Follow

1. Make sure you have created an account with the new website.

2. Sign in or sign up at the top left corner.

3. Click on the drop down menu PROFESSORS” → “Place Course Material Order” .

4. This is where you will find any past book orders and their status. You are able to filter through them by: 

  • School 
  • Course
  • Program 
  • Publication status 
  • Semester 
  • Course creation request 
  • Submitted status 
  • Processed status

5. To create a new order, click “New course material order” in the top right corner. You will be able to make one order per course. Each order can have multiple textbooks/materials/coursepacks.

6. Fill out your contact information and click “Next step”. Fill out the information corresponding with the course.

  • Teaching Institution: Bishop's University

  • Program: Be sure to check all related programs if the course does not come up under the selected program, if missing program leave blank

  • Semester: Select the current semester

  • Course: If not listed be sure the right program was selected, if still not found then select 'I can't find the course'

  • Type of Education: Regular Training

  • Calendar Dates: The dates the textbooks are needed for

  • Instructors: Search for name, if not listed contact

  • Number of students: Maximum number of possible students 

  • “Finish”

7.  Here is where you will be able to add course material like textbooks, coursepacks, art supplies, general literature, and office supplies. 

You have two choices: Add one item at a time OR construct a choice of product. 

To add a single item: 

8. click “Add product”.

9.   Search for the desired textbook/course pack/supplies. Fill out the information corresponding with the material. 

  • Importance: Choose whether it is required or recommended?

  • Do you allow Ebooks: If there is an ebook version, is this allowed? 

  • Declare copyrights: Leave blank

  • Are previous editions accepted: Will students be allowed to use a previous edition of the text? 

  • Will be used next semester: Is this a text these students would need in the following semester/ are you teaching this course again next semester?

  • Number of copies required: How many copies do you recommend? How many students do you estimate will purchase? I.e. “50% of students”, “40 copies”


  • Coursepacks will appear in the system as a blank coursepack.

  • If you cannot find the product, click “I can’t find the product” and fill out the form. 

To create a choice of product (list of products):

10. Click “Add a choice of product”. This is where you will be able to give students a list of products to choose from. This would be beneficial if the students are able to select from a collection of books (pick 1 out of the 5 choices).

11. Choose “required” and state the number of choices that will be on the list.

12. Once saved, you can add the choices by clicking “Add a product to the list” and following the same steps as adding a single product. 

13. Once the course material order is created, it is sent to our book specialist who will fulfill the order.



  • Once our team fulfills your order it is no longer possible to delete or make changes to the order or the products

  • The co-op can't cancel or change book orders that have already been placed

  • Book sales to students are final

  • If you no longer teach a course for which you submitted a request, please cancel your order and notify us as soon as you can

  • Our team may contact you regarding any questions about your order

  • To ask any questions by sure to contact Flavie Trottier at


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